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CORPORATE EVENTS:  Diocesan School Old Girls’ League Graduation Ball

The Crackerjack Management Team

Meet the team

We are a small quirky team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals. Due to our group dynamic we bounce off and work with each other perfectly. We all bring unique qualities and diversity to the company and are actually very good value to have around. We genuinely love what we do and love getting in and amongst all the action as we prepare and execute your dream event.  No event is too small or too large- we always come together for larger events, so rest assured we will have you covered from bases.

Pam Glaser – Founder and Managing Director

“A client once described me as having ‘the precision of a general and the delicacy of a diplomat’. Organising an event is my ultimate ‘high’. My marketing background and years of event experience makes me good at it”.

Beth Rosary- Event Coordinator

“From a young age, whether it was organising a house party, Footy Tournament, weekends in Europe – I was the go to chief planner. I love to plan, organise, any excuse to put my OCD tendencies to good use! After quitting the grey skies of England – once graduating from university with a degree in Sport Event Management; planning events around New Zealand provides me with a new enthusiasm for such a young and thriving industry!”

Beth is currently working on the Farmers Santa Parade

Jeannie Philip- Event Coordinator

“People are what really drew me towards a career in events. I love being on site at an event interacting with the client, suppliers, guests to the event and basically anyone who will give me their ear. Creating something that makes people happy is so rewarding for me I thrive on the feeling on achieving above and beyond the clients and attendees expectations.”

Jeannie is currently working on the St Patrick’s Festival having just wrapped up the World Pres Photo Exhibition.

Alannah Bell- Event Manager

“The creativity and diversity within the events industry is what I love most. Coming up with fresh ideas and cool concepts really excites me. I love to think outside the box and present something really wonderful to the client. I always strive to create the ‘WOW’ factor at every event I touch, ultimately I aim leave a lasting impression on everyone who was there to witness it.”

Alannah is currently working on a number of corporate events and the Auckland International Buskers Festival.


“We can do just about anything!”