About Us

Meet the team


We are a small quirky team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals. Due to our group dynamic we bounce off and work with each other perfectly. We all bring unique qualities and diversity to the company and are actually very good value to have around. We genuinely love what we do and love getting in and amongst all the action as we prepare and execute your dream event.  No event is too small or too large- we always come together for larger events, so rest assured we will have you covered from bases.

Pam Glaser – Founder and Managing Director

“A client once described me as having ‘the precision of a general and the delicacy of a diplomat’. Organising an event is my ultimate ‘high’. My marketing background and years of event experience makes me good at it”.

Jasmin vallance- Event Executive

“As cliche as it is I love the feeling that you get during the lead up to the event, the feeling of seeing people enjoying something you’ve created or been involved with. When attending events as a young person, I would always be envious of the people running the events and want to be a part of the ‘crew’. I love the friendships and bonds you form with people as the events come together”. 

Jasmin is currently working on the St Patrick’s Festival 2019 having just wrapped up the World Press Photo Exhibition 2018.

Casey Morris– Event Manager

“Since a young age, I’ve been the family ‘go to’ person for anything organisational related, whether that be planning family birthday celebrations, overseas holidays or even just getting the family organised and out the door in time. I get an absolute thrill from creating great experiences and always aim to exceed expectations! My background working in one of the worlds’ largest hotel companies has provided me with a great customer centric base and is what led me into my true passion; the ever-changing, fast paced and exciting world of Events!”

Casey is currently working on a number of corporate events and the Auckland International Buskers Festival.

Kate Coppens- Event Coordinator

“When people are brought together, and united through a mutual love for a band/artist/sport/product, it creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. This is what I love about events, and why I continue to pursue this as my passion.”

Kate is currently working on the Farmers Santa Parade

“Stand out Events. Every time.”


Kate Coppens, Jasmin Vallance, Casey Morris, Pam Glaser (Founder)